Proposal writing bootcamp

18 & 20 May 2021


Maximise your Score - how to achieve a high impact Horizon Europe proposal. Understand the full range of elements needed to secure a high scoring proposal and how to build a proposal effectively and efficiently, avoiding common pitfalls and errors. Learn which features could get you that extra half mark that could be the difference between success and failure.

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Course Outline

Strategic Approach to writing a bid
What is different about Horizon Europe?
How has the application template changed and what are the implications?
How to write with IMPACT at the core
Understanding the evaluation process and how it should influence your bid
Learn what can make the difference between winning and losing
Writing a bid with real-life implementation in mind

Bid Writing Skills and Competences
Practical advice addressing each section of the new application template
Methods for developing ‘Impact Pathways’
Constructing a fit for purpose budget
Efficient and effective involvement of partners
Writing styles - what works, what doesn’t
Tips and tricks to presenting content and key messages
Best use of visuals to save space and communicate key messages

Target Audience

Coordinators, coordinating teams, research support services
Those who want better insight into strong proposal writing.
Those who want to learn about template changes, new proposal structure and best practice approaches, such as work package leaders

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