Design. Recruit. Build - lay the foundations for a strong bid from concept to consortia

11 May 2021


Understand how a high-quality bid is dependent on a targeted project design, customised towards the call topic, societal impacts and consortia selection.

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Course Outline

Call Topic assessment approach and methodology
Brainstorming to arrive at a project design explicitly addressing the Call topic

Building a suitable consortium – what types of partners are needed
Recruiting the right partners and securing commitments

Assigning roles & responsibilities across partnership to build the bid
Effective planning and timelines in proposal management
Optimizing partner interactions – contributing, negotiating and budgeting

*This module is focused on Pillar II collaborative projects

Target Audience

Open to all (Researchers, Academics, Industry, SME)
Coordinators, coordinating teams, research support services
Aspiring project coordinators or work package leaders

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