Avril has experience with science communication, dissemination, stakeholder engagement and exploitation activities for several scientific projects, implementing activities to increase the overall impact of projects dealing with current grand societal challenges. Avril leads the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities for GENIALG, ERGO, EURION, ASSEMBLE Plus and MARBLES, EU-funded projects in the marine, human and environmental health and sustainability sectors. Avril has experience of the full project lifecycle, also supporting with funding proposal development. She is a member of several Innovation Committees to support the protection, promotion and exploitation of project results. With an academic background in freshwater ecology, she has previously worked in freshwater resources research, conservation project management and protection of inland waters. She has a BSc in Environmental Biology and a MSc in Applied Environmental Science.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/avrilhanbidge/
Projects: MARBLES
Contact: avril@erinn.eu