Press release: 22 February 2023

The EU-funded RES4Build project is hosting a workshop to identify technological, market and regulatory advancements for the heating and cooling of space and water in buildings. Taking place in Brussels on 29 March 2023, participants will have the opportunity to provide insight on solutions that will lead to the efficient decarbonisation of energy used in European buildings.

Buildings account for more than 40% of energy consumption in Europe, most of which is still supplied by fossil fuels. Phasing out fossil fuel use in buildings can help address many of Europe’s most pressing challenges including climate change, air pollution and dependency on imported fuels. However, achieving this future requires the rapid upscaling of impactful, energy-efficient solutions. While approaches to decarbonising Europe’s buildings are available, the pace of change is slow.

The workshop will bring together research, industry, policymakers, and end users to help identify the developments and conditions that are needed to accelerate this decarbonisation and meet EU policy objectives. The agenda will follow three key themes:

  • The latest technological innovations to prioritise to enable EU decarbonisation objectives.
  • Suitable market and regulatory conditions and how they can accelerate the pace of change.
  • Incorporating end user and audience perspectives to implement these solutions.

RES4BUILD is an EU-funded, Horizon 2020 research project that has made good progress in developing zero-carbon solutions for the building sector. The project’s integrated energy system incorporates heat pump and combined solar photovoltaic-thermal technologies together with thermal storage and smart management systems to produce low carbon heating and cooling for buildings. An impact assessment has indicated the technical potential of such integrated energy systems in the European market and ongoing work is clarifying the applicability of the approach to serve end users in their transition to decarbonisation. All public reports are available on the project website.

For more information on the workshop, please visit: https://res4build.eu/news-events/news/Energy-Workshop-Brussels/