The EMFF-funded BIOGEARS research project reached a big milestone on the 18th of July 2022; with the final sea tests of their biobased rope prototype concluding. The year-long trials aimed to validate the biobased and biodegradable ropes for mussel production in sea conditions.

The effect of the rope on mussel grow-out in longline versus in raft was assessed and compared over one full production cycle. Testing took place every two months in AZTI’s experimental facilities sited at South East Bay of Biscay and in Mutriku, Spain, to assess the growth and survival of the mussels, condition index and meat yield, proximal composition, and fatty acid profiles. Results of this trial will be presented during the upcoming BIOGEARS workshop on the 29th of September at the Aquaculture Europe Conference. For more information on the workshop, please visit: biogears.eu/blue-lab-workshop.

BIOGEARS is working to extend the potential use of sustainable materials in the aquaculture sector, supporting the creation of biobased value chains under the EU Bioeconomy Strategy framework. To find out more about the sea trials, please visit: biogears.eu/biogears-project-milestone-sea-trials-completed

To read about the prototype development and deployment please visit: biogears.eu, Twitter, LinkedIn or subscribe to news

For more information, please contact Project Coordinator Leire Arantzamendi (larantzamendi@azti.es) or Communication and Press Jane Maher (jane@erinn.eu).