Horizon Europe Proposal Support

The Opportunity

Horizon Europe officially launched in January 2021. It is a €95B programme that will provide grants for research and innovation projects within the period 2021 to 2027. Beyond Horizon Europe there are also significant opportunities within the broader EU budget (~€1.82 Trillion under the Multi-annual Financial Framework 2021 -27) including funds available centrally from Brussels as well as regional and national administration of funds.

Our team invites researchers, co-ordinators, research managers, research support officers, and project managers from universities, research institutions, SMEs, industry as well as public bodies to join this brand-new programme to maximise your chances of success in Horizon Europe with the ERINN Innovation team.

Our Approach

The ERINN team have skills, knowledge and capacity to provide support at various stages of proposal development, including guidance on concept, project structure, consortium considerations, how to approach the Impact section and how to create a strong proposal overall. ERINN believes that engaging with coordinators early in the proposal development phase enables us to provide better support leading to stronger proposals.

Our standard Horizon Europe proposal support offer includes:

2-3 months before deadline

Provision of a template for the researcher to develop a concept design (project structure, partners etc.) and a template for the researcher to develop an early draft of section 2.3 (expected results, target groups, impacts etc.)

Return within 4-5 working days

Written feedback to the concept design and section 2.3 with concrete recommendations for improvements

Within 5-6 working days

Meeting/call to discuss our feedback and answer any question the researcher might have and to provide guidance for the preparation of the full proposal draft

2-4 weeks before the deadline

Review of a complete draft of the proposal. Provision of written feedback with concrete recommendations for improvements

1-2 weeks before the deadline

Final meeting/call to discuss our feedback and answer any questions the researcher might have

Tailoring to you

Our feedback will be in the form of comments and recommendations and will be provided in a separate document. We offer regular calls phone calls/meetings to address feedback and answer any specific questions. We can adapt the offer to match your specific needs and requirements. For example, if you need extra support with project design or developing a particular section of the proposal, we can dedicate extra hours charged at the standard rate.

Contact us to discuss our approach and pricing and how best we can work to support your proposal.