Helping organisations across Europe ensure their knowledge has a positive impact

Working towards a more sustainable society

​Building on more than 30 years of experience

A young dynamic Irish company first established as Intrigo Ltd in 2017, we rebranded to ERINN Innovation in December 2020. As a team with shared values, we enjoy working to improve the positive impact of research - supporting your project throughout its lifecycle and beyond, building your success over time. We have significant experience working across diverse funding programmes (Horizon 2020, FP7, EMFF, EIC Accelerator and Pathfinder, LIFE, Interreg, ERASMUS+, etc.) and are looking forward to the upcoming Horizon Europe opportunities.

​Driven by a belief in science and a culture of curiosity

We support others to create maximum positive impact on society from research, working in knowledge-based markets and research fields that value innovative and sustainable solutions.

We guide and support researchers and industry through close partnerships to apply their knowledge, working across a range of sectors from renewable energy to sustainable aquaculture, bio-based plastics, marine spatial planning, ocean sensing technology, circular mineral mining and more.

What People Say About Us

"...thank you for a great training. It was indeed very informative and the approach for all different level of people exceptional. We are looking forward to another one!"

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Drop us an email if you would like to partner with us, have a project to discuss or to learn a bit more about how we could help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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