Our Key Activities

ERINN is a knowledge-based company, driven by passionate staff who enable research and innovation to have impact.

Our core business includes two main areas:

o Helping others to win and implement research funding.

o Using our knowledge transfer, communications and dissemination expertise to ensure that funded projects have an impact, whether that’s through commercialisation or informing policy to address societal challenges.

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Communications, Dissemination and Exploitation in EU Projects

We partner in EU projects designing and implementing custom communication work packages

Knowledge Transfer

A specialist in KT applying proven methods refined over 15 years to achieve measurable impact

Proposal Development Training

Provide in-depth and effective training so our clients significantly increase their chances of success.

Proposal Writing Supports

Support with the design, writing, reviewing, proofing and evaluation of funding bids.

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Why Work with ERINN?

Europe invests billions each year in research and innovation schemes that are designed to tackle global challenges.
But researchers cannot do it alone.

For innovations to truly have an impact on society, it requires a collaborative approach that focuses on generating and applying research results to where they are needed most.

That’s where ERINN comes in. Our mission is to “Guide and Accelerate Impactful Research & Innovation to Deliver a Sustainable Future”.

To achieve this, we believe in creating long term relationships and elevating our partners by understanding their needs, sharing knowledge and building capacity.

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